RE/MAX Isn’t for Everyone!

The key to RE/MAX success is attracting ambitious people and providing them with tools to maximize results, Dave Liniger says in a cover story in the June edition of RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine.

“RE/MAX isn’t for everyone. We don’t have downlines or profit sharing, and we’re not a safe haven for part-timers or unmotivated individuals,” the RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder says in the five-page article, headlined “RE/MAX: Driven People, Ambitious Goals, High Achievement.” “But for agents and brokers who want to be the best and are willing to do the work it takes, our system offers unique competitive advantages that can help make it happen.”

That approach has led to 13 years of No. 1 status in the U.S., an even longer run in Canada, and similar market-leading results in many other countries. And it all begins with the quality of the people involved. As the article states, “Being the best – and saying it boldly – has been a foundation of the RE/MAX network since the very start. It’s not about arrogance; it’s about making a full-time commitment to the profession in a way that produces results and lifts the industry.”

You can download a PDF of the cover story or you can view the entire magazine via an online digital edition.

Woven through the article are lyrical excerpts from the “RE/MAX is Wack” rap video that has been viewed more than 50,000 times since March. Other viral videos are highlighted in a prominent sidebar.

The article also spotlights RE/MAX advantages in education, distressed property efforts, advertising, global growth and technology. It notes that the new, due to launch in late 2011, will include a lightening-quick listing interface and a sharp focus on the consumer experience.

Ultimately, the cover story offers evidence that RE/MAX stands out from the competition. One final excerpt:

“Consumers want substance, not fluff, and they vote through their actions,” says RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly, who has served on the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City-Denver since last year. “And whether it’s due to our powerful brand, an agent’s reputation, a friend’s referral or some other reason, consumers choose RE/MAX more than any other real estate company.

“We’ve always focused on being the best sales force, not the biggest, and that approach leads to a better quality of growth. Consumers expect more from a RE/MAX agent, and our people have the experience, education and skills to deliver.”

By George White, RE/MAX LLC Director, Chief News Editor
Posted 6/6/11
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