November 2011 – Sales Rally

November Sales Rally 2011

We are coming upon year end which means it’s time to gear up for an amazing 2012.  How will you create loyal fans and followers in your business and life?  How will you enchant people so that they are your unpaid marketing sales force for the New Year?  In the November Sales Rally we will be spending time sharing principles from Guy Kawasaki’s amazing book, Enchantment – The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.  When you enchant, you change lives. When you enchant, you grow businesses that are recession-proof.  With the ideas that we share at this month’s rally you will go forth into an awesome new year armed with the knowledge and tools to create enchanting lives for you and everyone around you. In addition to a huge dose of motivation, we will cover technology tips, state of the market, and some great news releases from RE/MAX Elite and what’s new on Mainstreet.
Each month we use our motivational Sales Rally as an opportunity to share a book with you that will change your business and your life.  This month it is Enchantment – The Art of Changing Heart’s Minds, and Actions. CLICK HERE if you would like to order a copy for yourself.   It is not necessary that you read the book prior to our rally.  We provide the link for those who wish to enhance their knowledge of the topic and their library of great books.
Enjoy the Presentation… minus the sound effects and flipping around that happens at our live Rally!
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