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Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Have you ever noticed that there are a ton of workaholics in our business? Ok, at times, we are too, just as you are. Real estate is not just a business, it is a lifestyle. It is noticing a beautiful new paint job on a house in town. It is taking hours at the grocery store because you always run into past clients to chat with. It is taking every phone call that comes through because you just never know who might be calling. With all the classes that are offered on how to be a great salesperson, sometimes we think there is a need for classes on how to relax a little! Anyway, being Saturday, we wanted to share this blog article that we found. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. More importantly, we hope you sit back and find some time to enjoy your weekend. As always, keep up the amazing work. We enjoy watching your success!
JB, H3 & Susan

How to Enjoy Your Weekend Like a Minimalist

Written by on May 26, 2011 – 27 Comments
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Marci Payne

Remember what it was like to be a carefree child on a summer day? Catching lighting bugs. Riding bikes. Exploring creeks. Popping tar bubbles with your toes. Selling lemonade. Days filled with adventure and curiosity.

When is the last time you felt this free? Our schedules are crammed with commitments, chores, errands, appointments, and activities. We dream of vacations and travel.

Why do we wait for vacations to take a break? Isn’t a weekend a tiny vacation? To vacate from our regular routines. To let our minds relax. To slow down.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Gandhi

Is it hard for you do slow down and relax? Are you ready to take a break but not sure what to do with yourself? Embrace being instead of doing for a minimalist child-like weekend.

I love weekends. Letting go of work. With less on my plate, I can be more in the moment. But I have to make conscious choices to pull a minimalist weekend off:

Relax Like a Minimalist:

  • Unplug – Turn off technology or unplug from your computer for at least 24 hours. Be available for more personal connection, even if you are quietly presence. With less distractions, you will invite relaxation.
  • Make space – Get most of your cleaning, jobs, and errands done during the week. Resist over-scheduling your weekend by leaving pockets of time to unwind. The less you schedule, the more you can go with the flow.
  • Slow down – And, the less you schedule in your weekend, the slower your pace. Everyone needs at least one slow morning a week where there is no time commitment to get ready for. Enjoy this restful pace.
  • Just be – And, foster the art of doing almost nothing. Gaze at the birds. Listen to the wind. Read a good book. Doodle. Journal. Focus on being more than doing. And, in this moment, just be.

Burnout comes from trying to give what I do not possess.” ~ Parker Palmer

Re-Create Like a Child:

  • Work before play – Most of us work hard during the week, both in our job and at home. If our kids get to play after their “work” is done, then so do we. Pick play that refreshes and renews you.
  • Create – Let your imagination be your guide. Create art, crafts, words, photos, movies, or stories with no deadlines. It’s your creation, not your production or project.
  • Explore – Journey to familiar or new territory. Learn and explore. Take in details, textures, sights, and sounds. Make it an adventure.
  • Move and rest – Balance your movement with rest. Engage in the moment then drift with eyes heavy. Take a nap. Sleep in or go to bed early.

Invite relaxing recreation in your weekends. Take at least one day off each week. Be in the moment, go with the flow, and embrace what you love.
What helps you unwind and slow down? Share your favorite thing to do on the weekends.

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